Department of Career & Professional Development Services (CPDS)

The Department of Career & Professional Development Services (CPDS) works to educate, connect and advise students about the opportunities for their future career. CPDS serves continuing students as well as alumni of Southeast University. It is committed to helping the SEU graduates to be well informed about the job market for their desired career goal. CPDS works through needs assessment responded by students and trains them with the required skills for employment and develops the work attitudes to become successful in competitive job field.

Career development is a journey. Students wherever they are in the process, we offer one-on-one assistance to help them plan and achieve career success.

The overall purpose of the Department is to help students find a career path that will lead them to a successful future. Students enjoying services from CPDS explore career opportunities during and after their graduation and learn how to become the best possible marketable job candidates.

Department of Career Services provides the following supports to the students:

Internship and job listings
CPDS maintains a database of leading local & multinational companies where SEU graduates can explore their career opportunities. Every semester CPDS communicates with the renowned and prospective companies to request them to provide with internship & job opportunities for the SEU graduates.

Career guidance
Career guidance is required when students really have no idea what they want to do with their career. CPDS helps students by taking personality test, talking about job interests and helping them to find out their personal strengths and weakness. Sometimes CPDS recommends some useful courses that may help students groom for career development.

Seminars on resume writing and interview skills
Department of Career & Professional Development Services often organizes seminars on CV & Resume writing, interview techniques. Students will learn how to dress professionally, answer questions and write resumes tailored to individual positions. Getting well equipped with these basic career driven skills is as important as any academic endeavor students take on campus.

CPDS also maintains and updates SEU alumni database. CPDS also invites the alumni to share their professional experience to the graduating students.

CPDS also provides guidance and assistance for following issues:
• Maintaining liaison with the partner Foreign Universities
• Advising and supporting SEU students for their higher education with the partner Universities and others
• Coordinating student exchange program
• Helping students find out scholarship opportunities among the partner universities and beyond

Department of Career & Professional Development Services (CPDS)

Prof. Nargis Akhter, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in HRM, University of Dhaka
M. Com in Management, University of Dhaka
B. Com (Hons) in Management
University of Dhaka
Director, CPDS
Building: Main Building
Room: 303
Phone: 55034125-8 Ext: 231
Syeda Saadia Ameer
Assistant Director, CPDS
Building: Main Building
Room: 608
Phone: 55034125-8 Ext: 228
Mohiuddin Zia
M.Phil (Research fellow) BUP,
M.Sc (Glamorgan UK), B.Sc in CSC
Section Officer, CPDS
Building: Main Building
Room: 608
Phone: 55034125-8 Ext: 228
Mobile: 01819460417